Thursday, February 7, 2008

100% Aloe Vera Gel

I've heard of hair products with Aloe Vera, Shampoos, Conditioners, etc. I really didn't get the hype!!!! Well, I met someone that uses it for hair growth....I was skeptic when she told me ....I've been researching this all day and this is what I learned......
  • The Aloe Vera plant is packed with some of same the vitamins and minerals which make up our own bodies. So much so that perhaps no other plant more closely matches the human body’s biochemistry.
  • Aloe Vera products have many benefits to the overall health of the hair. It helps heal any damage on the scalp, balance the pH level, cleans the pores, prevents excessive hair loss, relieves scaly or itchy scalp, oily hair, dandruff, renew cycle within the follicles. regulate sebaceous function, and maintain proper physiological balance in the scalp. And one of the biggest benefit of Aloe Vera is it helps reduce seborrhoea.
  • Aloe Vera activate fresh growth and stimulate the growth of existing hair.
  • Clinical studies show that Aloe Vera enhances cellular rejuvenation and provides the building blocks for hair proteins. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties protect against damage to the scalp and hair.
  • Actually, Aloe Vera includes the enzyme which is beneficial in stimulating the new hair production.
  • Therefore, Aloe Vera is beneficial for the production of hairs and provides softness and shine to the hair and prevents hair loss and other hair related conditions.
  • Aloe's can help the scalp by healing it and balancing the pH level of the scalp while cleansing the pores.
  • Some Indian tribes of Mexico attribute their thick, healthy hair to regular use of aloe vera gel which they rub into the scalp and hair each night.
  • Aloe Vera gel is used on hair and entire portion of scalp to treat hair loss.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp.
  • Increases blood circulation to the hair follicles.
  • Aloe Vera products have many benefits to the overall health of the hair.
Will I be adding this in my regimen ???........Oh Yes!!! I'm learning that we spend so much money on products and God had everything we needed already here!!!.... I've already started nightly massages that I think are so relaxing....Now following my massages I will be adding Aloe Vera Gel to scalp and hair nightly......We'll see what happens...


  1. Tracyee, I'm digging your blogspot! Thanks for the info on Aloe Vera. I had heard it was good for the hair, but never took the time to research. I'm definitely going to give it a try. I'm down for anything natural.

  2. Hello Tracyee,

    I just found your blog and absolutely love it.

    Is it more beneficial to use the aloe vera gel on the hair and scalp or use a shampoo or condtioner containing aloe vera? What brand and type of aloe vera does your friend use?


  3. Hey lexelle ...I can't say which is more beneficial with aloe vera.....I love apply it to my hair as a daily moisturizer..Softens, Conditions and adds shine to my hair...I use it nightly to moisturize and seal w/oil..It helps my scalp by conditioning it and adding moisture..either way its a my book...I've been looking for a aloe vera shampoo...I've been actually adding it to my shampoo and I get great results

  4. hi Tracyee,
    Am nimo from Kenya (africa), i have the most kinkyest african hair and its hair is not so long it reaches my neck.i have just started taking care of my hair and i like reading your website. i want to grow my hair upto my shoulders but i think it cant happen but am trying anyway. please give me advise on how to grow my hair upto my shoulders.
    thank you and God bless

  5. Hi Nimo....You can most definitely grow your hair shoulder length..Black women hair grows just like any other race....Our problem is it is curly or kinky so it is drier and it breaks easy....Learning how to retain moisture will help you retain length...Most black women achieve this by deep conditioning weekly and moisturizing and sealing with oil nightly....Co-washes can help you retain length also .....Natural oils are great...Coconut, Olive are my favorites...Butters (Mango or Avocado) work great for moisturizing ... Wish you the best !!!

  6. Hi Traycee, I sent you an email through Youtube before I read your blog lol in reference to Aloe Vera, It is great stuff, I use it on my face after I spritz with rosewater(which refines the porse), my skin is so smooth and firm, esp for 48yr. Please explain the moisturizing with Aloe for scalp and hair,mine was gummy when I sealed it with olive oil...uhmm maybe I shouldn't have sprayed the juice, just the gel and seal with think? lol

  7. Hi.. Thanks for given wonderful information on aloe vera gel.

  8. Yes Traycee, thank you for providing such great info.

  9. Hey traycee,

    I am transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. I like straight hair so when it is 100% natural I plan to wear it straight. I use creme of nature detangling conditioning shampoo, biotin conditioner, baby don't be bald hair cream, doo gro leave in grow treatment, and garnier fructis nourishing hair spray. I had my ends professionally clipped in July, am I on the right path?

  10. Hey Tracee,
    I have the aloe Vera plant in my back yard. Do u have any advice on how to incorporate the real deal into my regimen. I will do some research online, but figured I'd ask anyway. I just started my journey yesterday.

  11. Hello, i would like to ask if it should be applied on the hair and skull before or after shampoo many thanks