Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overprocessed Hair!!!

Over-processed hair…
  • is dry at the ends
  • has split ends
  • is coarse or hard after processing but it hasn’t always been that texture
  • has lots of rebellious fly-aways or frizzy strands
To correct .....
  • Use nourishing shampoo and an intense moisturizing conditioner.
  • Apply a leave in conditioner to hair after shampooing
  • Deep condition your hair at least one time per week
  • Ease up on the harsh treatment you are giving your hair.
  • Give your hair a break .....do some cute pony tails , buns etc.
  • If you dyed your hair .....go darker
  • If you relax try to relax less.....People call it stretching
  • Over processed hair usually splits easy...Trim split ends
Condition, Condition, Condition !!!!!


  1. Yeah, girl I think with that relaxer mishap I just had I've become overprocessed. My hair is a diff texture now but I'm working my way back to my former healthy hair. I'm thinking about going darker. Like a chocolate brown hue. Do you think I should do this although I already have a chemical treatment (relaxer) in my hair? Or maybe I should just apply a rinse. Lemme know girl!

  2. You could get a chocolate hue from a temp. rinse ....And you don't have to worry about damage and you can do them the same day as your relaxers...My advise to all relaxed women is to stay away for perm. hair color.....

  3. My hair is over-processed, and I'm growing it out so...lots of split ends and I'm sure the flat iron doesn't help. So after trying to deal with straw-like hair with Ojon, Frederic Fekkai and a few other high-priced products, I decided to give Shielo a try, specifically their Hydrate Vibrancy Conditioner. I never had heard of the Shielo brand, but I decided to just give it a try - the results were worth it. It seems I need repeat treatments of it, and I didn't expect it to be a permanent solution. But there are no real miracles for problems like mine. Yet this treatment worked best, and I'm sticking with it!