Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dust Those Ends !!!!

Yesterday , I dusted and moisturized my ends ....I dust by using hair trimming scissors ... Do not use household scissors..Goody or Conair are good ones . When dusting what you want to do is just nip the tips of your hair. You will not lose any length. Hair trimmings on the floor will look like dust.

I also always do the method "Search & Destroy"...I get in some good light .... Take a section of hair and search it for split & damaged ends and cut just the damaged ends....This takes forever....but when I'm bored it keeps me busy...This method you need to be at least shoulder length so you can see your ends.....

Dusting is a way to make your trims last longer....My last major trim was July of '07' ...I've been able to keep my ends healthy by these two methods....I usually dust at least once a month...

These methods will not work for some who is in desperate need of a trim.....After you have a good trim these methods will make your trim last longer


  1. BEST POST EVER...thanks Tracyee.
    Product Junkie Diva

  2. Traycee! I know this is an old post. But could you post an instructional video of how you "dust your ends, PLEASE? I get trims every 8 weeks, and if I could keep them up myself, it would really help me retain some length, and stick to the rules of the 2009 Bootchamp Challenge! LOL. Thank you so much and God Bless.

    VANITY1920 from K.I.S.S

  3. I dust twice a month! Once doing the search and destroy method and the other just a regular dusting and it has helped my trims last longer only leaving me to trim once a year!!