Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reasons To Start Co-washing...

What is Co-washing ?

Co-wash is a way to clean the hair with out using shampoo.....I co-wash by rinsing my hair in the shower...Then applying Conditioner to scalp and hair..And gently rub scalp as if I were using shampoo...I rinse thoroughly then add more conditioner and let it sit on my hair while I shower...When done showering I rinse hair thoroughly and get out the shower ..That's it...I have two favorite conditioners for co-washes Vo5 and Aussie Moist and I use Victoria Secret So Sexy for special occasions....
I co-wash about 2 to 3 times a week

Why I love to Co-wash...

  • Keeps my hair moisturized

  • Keeps my scalp clean

  • I can clean my hair all week without drying out my hair

  • Helps me retain my growth by keeping hair moisturized

  • Feels wonderful in this heat

Ready for the best part...My hair always.... always smells wonderful...My Hubby is constantly smelling my hair when he thinks I'm

If I really want to get to him ....I use Victoria Secret So Sexy Shampoo and Conditioner works every time..and I even get compliments from complete strangers...It smells heavenly...


  1. What do you do after you cowash your hair? Put it in a bun? Braid out? How often are you putting heat on your hair when you cowash during a given week?

    1. I twist my hair sometimes before and after I co wash my hair. It leaves your hair soft and managable.

  2. I just smelled so sexy yesterday it is good to know that the scent stays with you after you wash it all out.
    LOL at your husband taking sniff when he thinks your sleeping.

  3. I concur! LOL. Co-washing is the best and is really helping me stretch successfully.

  4. @ Kelli..... I air dry in braided plaits and rock a braid-out or bun...I use heat maybe everyother month...

    @ PJD......Oh the smells last a couple of days

    @ Milan ....It is wonderful

    @ Torrance...LOL

  5. I'm going to have to try co-washing...thanks for the clarifying what exactly it is...:-p

  6. Yes!!! Someone else agrees! I have been using VS So Sexy products since introduced and I bsolute love them. The conditioners (I use either Nourishing or Balancing) make your so soft.

  7. I'm a bit confused with the part about rubbing the conditioner into the hair AND scalp. I've heard conditioner is not meant for the scalp and will clog the pores and coat the scalp if applied to it. I've always assumed one rinses the scalp and hair clean w/o product, before applying the conditioner to only the hair.

    But IA that co-washing is awesome, been doing it for 1 1/2 years problems!

  8. @ Fitness Goddess .... Your Welcome

    @ Elai- lai .... Yes I love So Sexy

    @ gi ginial... Here is the thing...I apply it to the scalp to help clean the scalp....

    And moisturize and condition my new growth ( avoid breakage where the two textures meet)...

    I rinse the conditioner thoroughly out of my hair and scalp

    I Shampoo 1x a week, Clarify with clarifing shampoo 1x a month, And I do a ACV rinse every other week...

    So I don't have issues with build up on scalp or hair..

  9. Hello Traycee,
    I just joined today, 8/08/08. A good Friend from HT pointed me in your direction.
    I would very much like to co-wash but I would not know what to do to my hair afterward: won't have the time, as I have to hurry off to work every morning, Mon-Fri.
    This means that I can only get to DC 1 a week: Saturdays.
    Any suggestions to help me out?
    Many thanks in advance!

  10. @ Bellestresses.... I airdry over night..and in the morning with my damp hair..I will wear a bun or rock a braid- out....

    Here is my air drying technique

  11. thanks for the tip.
    is there a way to co-wash and dry (without heat) but keeping ur hair straight.. without doing a braid out....
    because i was wondering if constant braid outs cause more tangling?

  12. what do you suggest for my type of hair. Its thin and i cant really rock a bun cuz it would look too small and not really flattering. So how do i avoid heat? I currently wash and roller set my hair. I try not to bump the curls with a curling iron but i dunno how to avoid heat.

  13. Did you gain mega growth through cowashing? please reply! :)

  14. Just started co-washing recently and I love it. My hair is not as dry as it was and I dont need as much product as I used in the past. I do it once it week though...and I deep condition as well. My hair is at its best! Hopefully it can become even healthier and grow longer.

  15. I would love to start co-washing, but I am unable to put my hair in a braid as I am rocking a short hair cut. I could co-wash on my day off after I leave the gym. What do you suggest I do to my short hair after co-washing?

  16. Can you tell me exactly which VS So Sexy conditioner you use? I see about 3 different ones on their site. Thanks!

  17. doesnt it make your hair greasy though because my hair is frizzy and dry but gets greasy!!!
    thamks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. How often do you wash your hair with regular shampoo? And do give your hair a deep conditioning?

  19. How often do you wash with regular shampoo? And do you still deep condition your hair?

  20. I have dandruff. how am i supposed to keep the flakes away without using some head and shoulders?

  21. Im confused. Isnt the purpose of co washing to not use shampoo? And what is a braid out?

  22. I've been cowashing a few times a week for a while with Lisa Rachel's cleansing shampoo. After thouroughly rinsing my hair/scalp, I first rub lemon juice on my scalp to help breakdown any build up. Then I rinse out the juice and apply conditioner, massage hair and scalp, comb through, and then rinse for about 2mins. My scalp always feels like it is free.

  23. I have always co-washed my hair weekly, about 2 times and one tea rinse weekly. I perm my hair because I'm naturally curly and I prefer the straight look most of the time but I found that co-washing has helped my hair to stay strong and healthy and it does make your hair smell amazing while conditioning it. I have always used Fructis.....all of their products smell amazing and are reasonably priced!

  24. Hi I'm Nanii in 15 and I have will be relaxer free for a year in August i want to start co washing I'm going to start this Sunday does this sound like a good regimen: vinegar (to really clean since no poo) , condition let dry then put coconut oil on for moisture then a couple days later straighten (use heat protection stuff)

  25. One word...Phytobaum. It changed my life!