Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today Shopping List

OK ...I hate going back and forth to the store...I usually buy enough of what I need for my hair to last me a couple or few months...

Last week I stocked up on my conditioners so I had just a few thing left to pick up....


And here is today's check list

1 Gallon of Aloe Vera Juice

2 8 ounce bottles of Rose Water

2 Jars of Coconut Oil

2 Bottles of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave in

2 Applicator Brushes

1 small spray bottle for spritzing

1 Conair N color brush..Yes another one....I lose brushes for some strange reason...So now I have two ...a pink on and a purple one

That's its....I'm a done till after January....People ask how much do I spend on oils and products....Because I buy to last me about 3 months or more....I spend about $80 every few months .....Alot cheaper than what I used to pay ....$55 dollars a week going to the salon and more when I needed a relaxer or trim....So Im staying with Do - It -Yourself Hair Care...Theres no telling what they would charge me now


  1. how long does the gallon of aloe vera juice lasts?

  2. I tried buying Aloe Vera juice but it had other ingredients added which put me off. I ended up buying Aloe Vera gel because it had less added ingredients. Do you buy pure Aloe Vera juice with no added ingredients?

  3. my list is long for next month but everything on my list is staples. im low on cowash cond so ill be out buying that today. tryin not 2 turn into a product junkie. ha...ha.. i have a the conair n colors brush in purple too. love it! when i use it on dry hair its only a few strands in the brush.

  4. How do you use the Neutrogena Triple Moist in your regimen?

  5. @ Nk ....The gallon last me about 4 months

    Well this is my first time buying the Neutrogina leave in...So reviews coming soon...

  6. Traycee, I used the Neutrogena Silk Touch leave-in last week after reading some good reviews online. I put it on my wet hair before detangling and I was not impressed...I had to go back to the ORS Olive Oil Lotion (even though it has a little petroleum in it) so I could get my Jilbere comb through!

  7. Ooo I love the neutogena stuff :)

  8. Tracee - where can I purchase the rose water.

  9. Can you purchase coconut oil and aloe vera juice from Whole Foods? Where do you go to get yours, Traycee!!?? :-)

  10. Thanks for posting. Im making my list now and I think I'll upgrade to a gallon of Aloe Vera Juice.

  11. hi traycee i just discovered your site and i love it so much. im in the la area also. so can u give me advice on finding silk or satin scarves and pillow cases thank u so much

  12. @ onesoulsista...You can buy Satin Pillow cases from..Sallys Beauty Supply or Bed Bath and Beyond, or Linens and Things..

    They cost about 6-8 dollars

  13. thanks for the info i found the sastin pillowcases at linensn things