Thursday, January 15, 2009

GVP ( Generic Version Products)

PhotobucketOK...So I tried the GVP ( Generic Version Product ) ....I used GVP Version of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner for my co-wash last night ...and LOVED IT..Conditioner feels so good on the scalp and my hair was immediately so so soft...My new growth felt amazing..

So after co washing I then tried the GVP of Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm..That's a keeper too...I ran that through my hair then added some coconut oil and deep conditioned with a heating cap for 20 mins ...Both are keepers ..I will be stocking up on both of these through out the sale this month

Now the GVP Version of Paul Mitchell The Cream Hair Styler and Leave In conditioner was another story....

I air dried with that and only my mega oil mix ....The next morning my hair was a little on the firm side...And I wasn't feeling that..I like my hair to always be soft to the touch...Would I say its crap???? Not at all.....It did give my hair a awesome shine...But its all wrong for my braid-outs...I do think it would be perfect for when I do my fancy updo's to give it hold and shine with out using hairspray or gel..


  1. Glad you had a great experience. As a "tryna do right pj",I've slowed down but I keep my eyes on good deals. I always pass those GVP at Sally's now I will definitely give them a try since they're comparable to the originals.

  2. i LOVE the conditioning balm its become my REAL dc... i also like the reconstructing (joico k-pak) conditioner.. but i know ur good on protien withthe Aphogee...

  3. I caught this sale a couple of days ago and bought the generic version of the Chi Silk Infusion (along with the apHogee products you reviewed). Its a good product, but it definitely gets greasy and makes product build up quickly. The original is pretty much fool proof - you can't put on too much. For $7 instead of $21 it is a good product though.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I have been wondering about the generic products but was afraid that I'd just be wasting my money. Sally's here I come........

  5. I just found you blog by accident. I've been growing out my relaxer out for 6 months. I never knew Sally's carried generic products. I will def try the tea tree shampoo - per you rec. :)

    The Road to Fabulosity

  6. HEY TRAYCEE! Great blog. you have some really good tips and advice. i am strongly thinking about not going to the hairdressers anymore. everytime i go to relax my hair they tell me something negative about my hair and try to convice me to cut it(trigger happy!), & try and get me to come back every two weeks for a deep treatment for £40.00! its seems they r trying to make money off me. dont feel i can trust them. what tips can you give to those who want to start home hair care treatment? and how can you tell if you have split ends?