Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wave Nouveau Review

So I finally tried the Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Lotion Well ..Uh....Where do I start ?? hahahaha.... I Co-Washed with GVP Tea Tree Conditioner from Sally's in the shower...Then applied my Leave In Conditioner ( HE Long Term Relationship Leave In) ..Applied the Wave Nouveau and last some oil..Air dried in 3 braided plaits..

The next morning I un braided my hair and...Well....I my hair wasn't really dry...But it wasn't as soft and moisturized as usual....

So I said I will give it one more try....I went to the fridge...Got my Aloe Vera Spritz then applied Silken Child Silk Moisturizer, I applied the Wave Nouvea again...A little oil and rebraided ..While I cooked

When I took the braids down again it was a lot better...But I had to use my Aloe Mix, and Silken Child Moisturizer to make it work ..It wasn't moisturizing enough to air dry and moisturize with on my 4b Relaxed Hair On the Plus Side.....It created a cute braid out...

Will I purchase again....NOPE...But I will use up the bottle....But it just wasn't moisturizing enough for me personally..


Wave Nouveau ( Hated It)


  1. Thanks god I thought I was the only one who didn't like it. And I Love your shirt, you look beautiful

  2. Wow...your hair look so soft and bouncy! I've never had a braid out!
    I'm will do one tonight I hope it turn out ok! You are rocking that Mr.President T-Shirt!!!

  3. Look at all of that hair! It looks so nice and moisturized. Just lovely :) Oh and I'm not sure if it's just me but it looks like your intense workout training is starting to show some results... you look a bit more slender, especially in the face... oh and I LOVE that shirt!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photo! It's always nice to see the finished product! Looks great!!

  5. It does nothing for me either. I too decided to stick with my spray bottle mixture after using that. I hgave it away to my sister.

  6. What brand aloe vera juice do you use? I was gonna pick some up but couldn't tell which one to get. I just want to be sure

  7. I can deal with s-curl for my edges but carefree i don't like. So that's what kind of turned me off to try wave nouveau. The wet, sticky feeling i don't care for. Better luck next time.

    1. My wave Nouveau isn't wet or sticky.

  8. I was wondering if it was just me!! I know I have "thirsty" hair but I did not care for this either, it was just oily to me & the oil was not getting absorbed.

  9. I'm glad to know that it wasn't just mean who didn't care for this too much. To me it kinda felt like I coated my hair with something but not like the moisturizer totally penetrated. It worked better when I was transistioning to natural hair, now that I'm back to totally relaxed hair it doesn't work as well.

  10. I use it. It works sometime but right now where I am it is cold, and it is no good! It has a tendency to dry the hair out and is slighty protein-y

  11. Hi traycee,
    Did you detangle?

  12. wich one did you use? I use the wave nouveau coiffure moisturizing finishing lotion. i'm not sure the bottle you have posed is the same product as the one i have. let me know because wave n. moisturized my hair like NOTHING EVER HAS. EVER! and i've spent hundreds of products. lol.

  13. @ ChocolateCream....No your your not the only one...Thanks

    @ Yolanda...Glad your going to try the braid out...It took me a few trys to get it right...Thanks

    @ Heat Styled Natural...Yay !!!

    @ Dania...Thanks...Yes I have lost 8 pounds so far

    @ Monica2 ...Thank You

    @ Evanny...hahaha..I just gave mine away to my son

    @ Christa....The brand is called Organic Aloe...I get it from Trader Joes by the gallon

    @ Anonymous....Well I wont be trying anymore curl products

    @ Una...hahahah...Naw it wasn't just you

    @ ShanSoPink...Nope it looks like alot of us hated it...

    @ Jmilz....Ok so it works better in the summer then...

    @ IntoMyHair...Huh ??? Not sure how you are trying to make a connection with that one ...Because I only detangle on wash days always and my moisturizers work just fine..

    But this last time I did detangle only because I wanted to come the Wave Nouveau through my hair

  14. I don't use it all the time only when i have substantial new growth and on dry hair i apply it to the new growth only and not on the rest of hair. It makes my new growth soft and moisturized i find, but on the rest of my hair feels icky (for lack of a better word)

  15. Traycee, your hair is the bomb girl! And it looks like it has gotten longer since the last time...you are doing it girl! Keep it up and enjoy reading your blog...it is so fun, interesting and informative! Keep em coming! That braidout it gorgeous and almost at waistlength. I dream of a waist length braid out! Congrats! :)

  16. thanks for the review I was thinking of purchasing this to try......but nevermind. Oh and your shirt! K-aute!
    you have to spill the beans on location of purchase and $ !
    1.) it has a great person on it!
    2.) it is my favorite color!

    You have good taste!

    Myxdchiick -LHCF

  17. Emeritus, ITA wave nouveau coiffure moisturizing finishing lotion is the bomb!!!! I got hooked on it from Sunshyne. Traycee try this version of Wave and you should get the moisture that you're looking for.

  18. yay beyonka. it's one of my staple products.

  19. LOL I was just wondering after you cowashed it before you put the braids in did you detangle first.
    Thats all.

  20. Hey Traycee. Don't give up on the Wave Neuveau just yet. It has a lot of glycerin in it and glycerin can have the opposite effect in the winter months since it's a humectant. There is no moisture in the air for the glycerin to pull from so it can end up making your hair dry. I bet it would work a whole lot better for you in spring/summer. I have an entry in my blog at LHCF on glycerin in winter. HTH

  21. Your hair looks stunning. And Traycee your skin is so amazing, i cant help but wonder what do you do to help it stay so clear and glowing?

  22. Loving the shirt!...and hair of course :)

  23. hi, do you have a wave nouveau in your hair? I remember when I was around 12, I'm now 20... my mom had made me get a wave nouveau in my hair & my hair grew longer than it ever grew & a year pass & the stylist put a perm in it & my hair fell out badly...I've been thinking about going natural for a while...everytime I'll let my new growth grow out & I'll just put a perm in it just b/c...what products do you use?...jailizdub@yahoo.com

  24. Yea seriously ur not lyin!! I had so much faith in this moisturizer bc of sunshynes hair and ravings about it-I was fiening to finally buy a bottle so when I finally did I got the biggest size they had bc I have mid back legnth REALLY THICK hair like urs.

    I moisturized and sealed from root to tip my wayyy overdo new growth roots and hair for like 2 weeks with this.It feels as moist as pouring water on ur roots and hair going on but after the 1st night my hair was crunchy and dry to the touch the next morning after a braidout. But

    I decided to keep trying so everynite I moisturzed from roots to tip and sealed and braided with this til 2 wks when I couldnt believe it-my hair was POPPING AND BREAKIN off! Just to part it up to get in the shower made me want to cry.After co washing with tresseme vitamin e cond and a lot of shedding my hair was moist again.

    I am AFRAID of this moisturizer!I cant believe how well it works on sunshynes long thick 4a-4b hair like mine! But someone did tell me this was a protien moisturizer and my hair is already damaged and breaky and not used to protien yet so that explained a lot.

    They said I should alternate with this and maybee the organic roots stimulator olive oil lotion or cantu shea butter daily moisturizing lotion(both of which are kinda so so with my hair,im still in a constant struggle to still find a good daily moisturiser to keep my hair healthy)for now although I feel pressure to finish the wave nouveau bc i spent money on it and its the biggest bottle,I just look at it from across the room on my dresser like stay away from me lol!

    I dont kno how I can work it somehow as an alternate into my regimen with those scary effects from it...im almost tempted to let sunsyne kno i have a full new bottle here to sdend to her if she wants it!

  25. I use all of those wave products but my hair still frizzs and dries up. What other product should I use that will make my hair soft but maintain the curlness that I would like. Any suggestions or products that have worked?

  26. I love Wave nouveau for its delicate fresh smell,because its quite a light moisturizer..it works for daily use only.
    So it does work..

  27. i really cant tell if thats your real hair...looks like a weave?