Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hair One Review


"Hair One Hair Cleanser Conditioner is a salon quality sulfate-free product that leaves hair cleansed, conditioned and in optimum shape

Sulfate Free
An all natural approach to hair care
No damaging detergents or harsh chemicals
Formulated with an elixir of natural herbs and oils
Cleans with an astringent and antibacterial properties

Introducing Hair One ... A salon quality product that provides a new all natural approach to hair care and hair detox that leaves hair cleansed, conditioned and in optimum shape. This conditioner has no damaging detergents or harsh chemicals. It's made with an elixir of natural herbs and oils that clean with astringent and antibacterial properties through a luxurious, penetrating cream without the stripping of detergents. Hair is left with remarkable shine, moisture, manageability and polish. With continued use, Hair One Cleanser Conditioner will stimulate the scalp, promoting better blood circulation, allowing for healthier hair growth and prevention of hair loss. Available in four formulations. Normal Hair: Designed for normal problem free hair. Color Treated: Prevents premature fading of color. Dry, Damaged: Repairs damage from chemical treatments. Dry Scalp: Helps heal scalp damage while restoring suppleness and manageability. "

Before reading remember I have never tried Wen...So I don't know how it compares

I tried for the first time Hair One Tea Tree for Dry Scalp...Yesterday evening...
I couldn't tell if I would like this until my hair air dried..Because my hair was so soft already when I got in the shower..

I air dried in 4 plaits overnight with a scarf..And this morning when I took down my braids my hair was so so soft and moisturized..Maybe too moisturized...I'm going to have to watch that...I followed the directions and I loved it...

This left my hair so clean...I was shocked it was almost like I shampooed..I went back to Sally's today and bought 2 more bottles...Another bottle of the Tea Tree and the Olive Oil for dry hair..

For my leave in I used Long Term Relationship Leave In ,Avocado Oil and GVP Silk Treatment for a little protein...

I plan on using this after every workout( 4-6x a week) ..Instead of just washing my scalp...

I plan on using the Dr Bronners Magic All In One Shikaki Soap 1x a week or once every two weeks...I'm not sure yet .... I'm still building this new regimen


  1. Janeen from K.I.S.S.March 25, 2009 at 6:06 AM

    Hi Traycee, Are you going to wash your hair 4-6X a week? I run 4-5 days a week and I'm always a sweaty mess.. I have mixed feelings on washing everyday. Do you think it's ok to co-wash or wash that many times a week?

  2. Traycee, did you deep condition your hair after using Hair One?

  3. Can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  4. @ Janeen...You need to reread the info about the product...The video will help also...Hair One is a conditioner that is designed to clean you hair...I will be using that 4-6x a week....Also you can read my prior post to see why I am choosing to clean my hair more often..

    @ Tiffanita...No I did not deep condition I only id the steps I stated in the post..

    @ Dania...I will keep you posted

  5. i liked the hair one too -- i am using the dry hair blend on my scalp while I have braids and its really good -- i get a little tingle afterwards and the hair (at the least the roots i can feel) are very soft. Im glad you reviewed it -- Never used WEN either and I dont really think I need to at this point.

    love looking at your regimen and blogs -- cant wait to see how your routine and products have changed up..
    Blessings! Hope you had a great birthday!

  6. Hey Traycee where did you buy the hair one.

  7. I saw this product advertised in a hair magazine and immediately thought of you. I was wondering if you were going to try out...since you are no shampooer and all!!

  8. i noticed this in hype hair magazine for real. it looked nice, kinda like a knock off Wen. too bad it's not available where i live.

  9. I loooove this stuff. I even did a youtube vid review on it. LIke you, I couldn't believe it left my hair feeling both clean and moisturized. I've been using for a little while now and my hair is certainly loving the difference.

  10. i saw the infomercial for wen on tv, after really considering paying the outragous price 4it, i read up on it 1st n stumbled on the hairone product. i figured id try this 1st. i have very long think hair, almost 2 my backside. o folloed the directions, the tingle made my scalp feel amazing. i cant even believe it. it felt like noxema 4ur scalp. i combed it thru, let it sit n saturate my hair 4 about 1 5minutes. i let it airdry, and i was a lil nervous wen i started 2 blo it out, cuz it was frizzy, but wen i flat ironed my hair, the shine was absolutley amazing. my hair was soooo clean, but so soft n full of body. i am totally recommending this product 2 every1 2 @ least try. its amazing. i wont go back 2 shampoo, especially since it dries ur hair so much. i didnt even use my biosilk wen i blew it out or straightened it. AMAZING!! absolutley

  11. I actually have this and I use it mostly as a leave-in/moisturizer. Right after I wash and condition, I apply this to my hair for moisture along with some other things then I blow dry and press (I'm a natural). I love it; it's not too heavy and a little goes a long way. My hair comes out shiny and bouncy with *bling* and is never too weighed down. I also use it to cowash and it always leaves my hair soft and moisturized! Love it ( :

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