Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gave Away All My GVP Tea Tree Conditioner

I absolutely love GVP Tea Tree Conditioner (Sallys Version of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Conditioner).....My hair is always left so soft, moisturized, and bouncy....

But I noticed a month or two back that every time I use it ...It leaves my scalp sore in places and itchy.....I stopped using it guessing that the conditioner was the culprit....Well I had no problems after I stopped using it...None at all.....So I used it again a couple of weeks ago to be sure it wasn't my Tea Tree conditioner that was causing the problems...Because I just didn't want to believe it..Well sure enough the next day...I had sore tender spots on my scalp and itching ,really bad itching....

I guess the conditioner is too strong for me..Or maybe I was allergic to something in it....Who knows ?????


  1. i had the same issues with the PM tea tree conditioner. and girl, if u really want a horror story about it check my blogs on KISS. just awful. beware!!!

  2. that conditioner left my hair with mad tangles!!

  3. Sounds like an allergic reation. At least you figured it out and stopped using. :-)

  4. Wow!! I had these same symptoms when I was using this shampoo/conditioner. But I didn't make the connection that the GVP was the culprit. OMG my scalp was soo sore & itchy i almost cried. I wonder if it is an allergic reaction??

  5. @ EbonyCPrincess..Oh wow..Im about to go check out your blog now...

    @ Anonymous...Really...It leaves my hair soft..But my scalp wasn't liking it at all

    @ Tina...Yeah ..I just wish I knew what ingredient caused it so I can avoid products that have it in it...

    @ Anonymous...Oh sorry to hear that..I guess I'm not only..I will be removing this product from my recommendation list