Friday, May 1, 2009

Just A Few Goodies...

Excuse the Hubby and Son's arm and remote in the pic...I didn't feel like editing it out..

Just a few goodies I picked up today..

I picked up 3 Large Satin Scarfs in different colors...I like to match my scarfs with my sleep wear ..hahahaha..Strange.. I know

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil & Olive Creme Hair Dress...When I saw this at CVS I immediately thought of Sunshyne so I picked up the Castor Oil she loves and went a head and got the Olive Creme one too..

Dr Bronners Magic Soap Almond...32 ounce of Mane n Tail....Burt's Bee Avocado Butter Pre Shampoo Treatment ( I have been wanting to try this one for a while now) and a single bottle of Hair One...


  1. Lol, I like that you match ur head scarves... so do I =)
    Keep us posted about the avocado shampoo =)

  2. Hey Traycee!! Completely unrelated to this post, but I was wondering if you have ever tried the mineral make-up from Mac? If not which of their foundation do you use?


  3. I have the Dr. Bronners soap in Almond.. i love the smell.. Keep us posted on the avocado pre shampoo treatment :)

  4. I am about to go to Rite Aid-- they have the Mane and Tail for sale, buy one get one free. What I need to know I get the shampoo and conditioner or just the conditioner?

  5. I've been wanting to try the Burt's bees Avocado Butter pre-poo for a while now, too. I can't wait to hear your review!

  6. Janeen from K.I.S.S.May 14, 2009 at 7:11 AM

    Traycee are you going to post a review of the Olive Oil Creme? I can't wait to hear about it, i see it all the time and it's super cheap