Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Much Needed Break

I have been bunning latetly and to give my hair a break...I take down my bun at night and moisturize and put in a loose bun before I cover it with my satin scarf....Only time I style and do my regular bun at night is when I know I have to be somewhere and it will make it easier for me in the morning...

Another way I give my hair a break is that morning I moisturize and seal ...Twist my hair up and around then clip it....I don't use this clip in wet hair nor do I sleep in it....I try to give my hair a break after a couple of days of bunning...Perfect for around the house


  1. I do the same thing. It's usually as soon as I get home and before I m+s or after a week of protective styles. It feels so good when I take my bun out.

  2. Soo... i could put my hair up in a clip all the time and not get any damage? Why did i think clips are damaging? Can i do clips instead of buns?hmm... and Traycee(and any other ladies) where do you buy you satin scarfs from. The one i bought says it's satin but i know what satin looks like...and it's not satin.

  3. Hey about the Aussie 3min RECONSTRUCTOR . Could u use it more than 3 mins? Say for like DCing in 40 mins ?

  4. this is very helpful...definitely need to start doing this, even tho my bun isnt as full so i will have to pic a week im not gon be seen out too often : )

    * *