Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My hair is so OVER MOISTURIZED....Its just gross..Its overly soft, mushy and yucky feeling..Its so overly soft that my hair keeps creeping out of my bun...

This Sat. makes me one week away from my next relaxer..So I had planned to clarify and do a protein treatment in prep for my relaxer already...

I have skipped my spritzing and moisturizing for the last few days and just applying oil to my ends ....I'm skipping my mid week co-wash and my trips to the steam room this week...I don't need any extra moisture at this point...I can't afford any breakage..

Because my hair is so over moisturized I'm just leaving it alone until I do my protein treatment this weekend...


  1. Why does that happen? And how can too much moisture cause breakage? I'm so confused!!!! :(

  2. Are you doing a light or hard protein treatment since your hair is too soft.

  3. I'm having the same issue my hair is way too moisturized! I will be doing a protein treatment maybe today...

  4. Your regimen does seem rather moisture-based.

  5. Was it the steam room that did it?

  6. @ La Maraville...Yes over moisturized hair is super fragile and breaks easy...Its important to keep your protein and moisture balanced...Im going to do a blog tonight and explain more ..

    @ Ashley....I have learned from experience my hair hates hard protein treatments...My hair works better when I do light protein treatments weekly until my hair is back to normal...I also plan to do a protein treatment before neutralizing when I do my relaxer

    @ ShanSoPink...You too ???

    @ Anonymous...Well right now all of my leave ins and moisturizers ,and conditioners for deep conditioning and co washing are protein..So I have been increasing my protein ALOT over the last couple of months...So I'm trying to find that perfect balance for my hair now...In the past my hair was always dry...But now I have been making changes till I get it right

    @ Hair and Beyond..You know its from using Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Creme after spritzing daily ..I believe that did it..I just started doing that last week and thats when my hair became over moisturized