Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Is Cholesterol Conditioner ????

I promised I would explain what cholesterol conditioner exactly is...First let me say that this is something that you do not have to have in your hair regimen...But if your hair is damaged from sun, over processing, color..Cholesterol maybe what you need..

Hair cholesterol is meant to repair and put back moisture into dehydrated, damaged hair. It treats dry, damaged ,and brittle hair....Increases strength, softness, shine!

Yes cholesterol conditioners contain protein ..But usually so far down the list that most people do not consider it a protein conditioner...

So why is cholesterol good for the hair ??? Well kinda similar to the reason why our body needs good cholesterol ..

Cholesterol contains lipoproteins which is a combination of lipids (fats) and proteins.. Lipoproteins carry cholesterol and other lipids like triglycerides, and other substances through the bloodstream to the cells that need them..

So what does this have to do with hair ???

Well we have learned so far cholesterol contains lipids....

Your hair consist of the following:

Hair Lipids

Hair Pigments



Hair lipids is made up of fatty acid, phytosphingosine, ceramide, cholesterol and cholesterol sulfate...Hair shaft lipids provide shine to the hair .....

Damage of hair lipids makes the hair dull , dry, and brittle. Hair lipids are damaged from over processing, chemicals, heat styling, and sun...

Normal healthy lipids coat the hair shaft , gives shine and smoothness to the hair fiber... Hair that lacks healthy lipids appears frizzy and is acceptable to fractures in the shaft...

I hope this helps....I did my best to make it as simple as possible.... In a nutshell cholesterol contain lipids that the hair needs if damaged.....


  1. So to some it all up it really is just a strengthing, moisturizing conditioner.

  2. this came right on time. i just bought a jar of cholesterol because i used to use it a lot back in the day. but after i purchased it, i was a little timid to add it to my regimen because i had a hunch it was protein. i just started using aphogee products and i really like them. so, perhaps this is just something i can rotate in. thanks for the info.

  3. @ Chanel....Yep...A moisturizing mojo for damaged hair...

    @ Braveheart..If your not protein sensitive you can work it in just fine...Just make sure the protein isn't one of the first ingredients..But it shouldn't be

  4. thx for this post. so how often should you use it? with every wash? or just to DC? and if you are using protein heavy products like Aphoghee, would you use the cholesterol before or after?

  5. I use it on a weekly basis. I also use the aphogee reconstructor on a weekly basis. I apply the aphogee first for 3-5 minutes and then follow up with Silk Elements cholesterol and DC for 30 min. My hair absolutely loves this combination, but what works for the goose doesn't always work for the gander. Hope that helpds

  6. How do you know if you need a protein or moisturizing treatment?

    My hair is snaps when combed, falls out, tangles VERY easily, and dry. My hair is very thick, so I don't really care too much about it falling out. But the sudden tangling is driving me nuts. What do you think?

    Been following the blog for a while, great insight!

  7. I used this with every wash and add EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)thanks for this pos!

  8. can you use mayo if you dont have anymore cholesterol?

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