Monday, January 11, 2010

Pre pooing With Oils

To say I'm tired is a understatement..Honestly I think my Husband and I are coming down with something..

I flat ironed my hair last Monday night...I wore it straight 1 day and I put it into four Bantu knots and rocked the body waves...I just don't like the straight look on me anymore...I love showing the length but I love having some curls , waves or texture more...
The Bantu knots on the flat ironed hair was really pretty..You can check it out in my last video..

This week makes 14 weeks since my last relaxer...Flat ironing my new growth made me feel like I could stretch forever..Just completely hassle free...

Tonight I saturated my scalp and hair with Castor Oil/Sweet Almond Oil mix ...Pulled my hair up with a clip...Put a plastic cap on ...

Anyone that has used the oil over night as a prepoo will tell you it can get messy...

I changed my pillow case, and I covered the plastic cap with my cotton turban to absorb any oil that might run out of the plastic cap...

Tomorrow morning I will rinse , clean and deep condition my hair...After using heat I always give my hair some tender loving care ...

This stretch is pretty much over...After tomorrow I plan on bunning for a week..Then do a protein treatment in preparation for my relaxer ..After I do my protein treatment I usually wait 1 week for my relaxer..If I stick to this plan I will be relaxing at 16 weeks..That's good enough for me !!!


  1. prepooing over night DOES get messy! You'll have to make sure to post tomorrow to let me know if you ended up swimming in goo by morning! So frustrating but I know it's really beneficial. I'm currently 22 weeks post and I am hurtin!!! Trying to stretch to 6 months!

  2. I am definitely going to do this! I had left over Anointed evoo from when my Pastor anointed oil for 2009. (My church has a new years celebration and we get evoo anointed so that we can have it for the whole year). SO now I have a brand new big thing of oil for 2010, and I was thinking of hot oil treatmenting with my leftover 09 oil, but I like this idea. :D I'll blog about it when I'm done! Thanks Traycee!

  3. I hope you & your hubby feel better soon. I loved the waves from your latest vid. Sooo pretty! I can't wait til my hair gets long enough to rock such a look. Congrats on the stretching! It gives me hope. Thanks for the update & the encouragement. :O)

  4. I loved your hair in the last vid - I thought it looked much looser then ur usual beautiful braid out... :)

    Have you ever considered getting a Brazilian Keratin Treatment? Some gorgeous haired ladies on you tube who wear relaxers get BKT's every 3-4 months and they can stretch their relaxers to 2 x's year...

    They get the 1's WITHOUT formaldihide (spelling's off)and it's not damaging - it actually promotes stronger, smoother, softer hair..

    According to them - it's like the CHI Keratin Treatment on crack - LOL...

    What do u think?

  5. I love your hair, I wish I could take time to take care of my hair.

    Great tips.

  6. ITA, overnight oil prepoo can get pretty messy, but it's worth it, especially with Castor Oil. 16 wks is still a pretty decent stretch. From now until I get to my goal even though I am known for long stretches, I don't want to go past 12-16wks. Maybe I'll eventually go back to 16+, but right now I just want smooth sailing (smooth roots :)) until I get to MBL.

  7. I love pre pooing. I am going to have to try it over night to see if it 's makes a difference. Thanks for the tip

  8. Amazing ideas..interesting ..i will follow you on twitter! thanks for the hair style

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