Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do You Remember This Bun ?

Well at least the front should be familiar to you.  Someone asked how I blend my bangs when I pull them back. The request was right up my alley right now. I've been going full force with my protective styling and I have been loving the results. My hair is thick and healthy and I will probably keep going with the protective styling till the end of the year. If I do wear my down it will be a heat less style like a braid out or Bantu knot . I've been promising everyone a updated Bantu knot tutorial. 

In my previous post I showed how I moisturize and seal my hair right now .  My hair thrives in a moisturize bun. I retain all my growth. I co wash after a couple of days w/Hair One , air dry and back in a bun.

Check Out The Tutorial 


  1. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, I hope my bun will be as full as this someday. Just lovely!!!

  2. I'm loving this look! I've been trying to come up with more "no bangs" styles so I'm gonna try this!

  3. Hi Traycee! i like ur new blog header..u look so innocent in that pic lol...i have a request can u plz sing for us, dont freak out u dont have to sing the entire song...